Chuck Haney

    Chuck is a freelance photographer/writer based in Whitefish. Chuck travels throughout the West and Midwest of the U.S. and Canada in pursuit of interesting subjects to photograph. His landscapes, agriculture and outdoor sports photos/articles have been published in numerous national and regional publications, calendars, books and advertising campaigns. In addition, Chuck works on a regular basis with many of the country’s leading publications doing assignment projects.

    Chuck and his wife, Diana, and son Logan have resided in the beautiful Rocky Mountains near Glacier National Park since 1990.

    Chuck photographs things he enjoys passionately doing; such as hiking, bicycling and canoeing. Chuck spent the first twenty years of his life on an Ohio farm. That rural upbringing brought forth a distinct insight and appreciation for the land.

    Chuck has had the following books published by FarCountry Press, Wild and Beautiful Montana, Wild and Beautiful Montana 2, Wild and Beautiful Glacier, Simply Beautiful North Dakota and Badlands of the High Plains, Theodore Roosevelt National Park Impressions and North Dakota Impressions. He is currently working on producing a book of Montana’s historical barns.

    Chuck teaches photography workshop classes on his own and in conjunction with Montana Magazine each summer.



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