Jeff Henry

    Jeff Henry has been a topnotch nature photographer for over two decades. He has resided in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem during that time and his artistic collection of 200,000 slides includes his appreciation of Yellowstone's wonders and many other national parks and wild lands.

    Great photographs come from hard, diligent work. Jeff is out at dusk and dawn, waiting for the magic to happen. His favorite weather conditions are severe - 30 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) or even colder. Snow pillows, steam from geothermal features and animals like bison and coyotes that tough it out in these wintry conditions, are among his favorite subjects.

    When you add a Jeff Henry photograph to your collection, you also tap into his interpretation of the land, its animals and its magic. Jeff considers himself an 'environmental photographer'; he captures animals in their environment to give people a sense of place.

    Jeff Henry has written two books on winter. The most recent, Yellowstone Winterscapes chronicles winter on Yellowstone’s volcanic plateau like no other. Jeff added substantive interpretative captions to his incredible photos, which transports the reader to Yellowstone in winter.

    Jeff collaborated with writer Karen Reinhart on his most recent book: Old Faithful Inn – Crown Jewel of National Park Lodges. This beautiful history of the inn showcases Jeff’s photographs of Yellowstone’s most famous lodge now a century old. 



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