Thomas Lee

    I grew up in suburban Chicago and received a camera and a finance degree the same year while at the University of Illinois. I spent the following summer photographing and falling in love with the American West.

    After a brief banking career in Denver, I realized that my true vocation is to celebrate and document dramatic beauty — whether it be physical beauty or beauty within people — and set out to make a living in photography.

    After ten years as a photojournalist in Rock Springs, Wyoming, and Livingston, Montana, I was thrilled to arrive in Bozeman, Montana. I have been based here ever since.

    I travel all over Montana and the surrounding states, photographing the independent, varied peoples and extraordinary landscape that make this region so magnificent.

    In addition to my work as Chief Photographer for the critically acclaimed Montana Quarterly magazine, I accept advertising and editorial assignments, license my imagery and will consider appropriate creative commissions



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