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The Montana Dinosaur Trail features some of the greatest paleontological finds of the last century.

T-rex. Miaisaur. Hadrasaur. These a just a few of the interesting dinosaurs you'll find along Montana's Dinosaur Trail. All of them meticulously dug from the ancient earth by some of the most prominent paleontologists of our time.

The Prehistoric Passport is your guide back in time – millions of years back – as you explore the Montana Dinosaur Trail.

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Two Medicine Dinosaur CenterTwo Medicine Dinosaur Center
Two Medicine Dinosaur Center
Photograph of Elk Hornirst People's Buffalo Jump State Park

See the first baby dinosaur bones found in North America, the Guinness Book of World Records largest, scientifically accurate dinosaur reconstruction - Seismosaurus halli (earth-shaking lizard), and other spectacular dinosaur-related displays. The Center is famous for its public, hands-on dinosaur research and education programs ranging from 3 hrs to 10 days in length. Advance registration required; some programs available for college credit.

Open all year.

Hours of operation available at

Downtown Bynum, US Hwy 89, look for the dinosaurs!

Old Trail MuseumOld Trail Museum
Old Trail Museum
Photography of Old Trail Museum

The Old Trail Museum's Dinosaur Antechamber showcases discoveries from the Two Medicine Formation: Maiasaura and Einosaurus skulls, nestling, hatchling and adult Maiasaura skeletons and bones, and a Sauronitholestes skeleton casting. A prep lab display and geologic information about the Rocky Mountain Front and Willow Creek Anticline provide additional information about the area and its rich paleontology heritage.

Season and hours of operation available at

Located on US Hwy 89, 823 N. Main St.

Museum of the RockiesMuseum of the Rockies
Museum of the Rockies
Photograph of Museum of the Rockies Home to one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils in the world, the Museum of the Rockies houses the world's largest T. rex skull and one of the first identified female dinosaurs in the world — an ovulating T. rex. The new Siebel Dinosaur Complex (designed by world-renowned dinosaur paleontologist and advisor to the Jurassic Park Films, Dr. Jack Horner) features some of the world's rarest fossils. Part of Montana State University-Bozeman, it is the state's official repository for both federal and state paleontological collections.

Open year-round.

Hours of operation available at


Located south of MSU campus 600 West Kagy Blvd.
Upper Musselshell MuseumUpper Musselshell Museum
Upper Musselshell Museum
Photograph of Ackley Lake State Park

The museum's centerpiece is "Ava," the full-size skeleton replica of a "first of its kind" Avaceratops, found in the Judith River Formation near Shawmut. The museum also has a Hadrosaur tibia and fibula, a cast of a Gypsonictops jaw, numerous dinosaur leg bone and hip bone fossils, and fossilized ancient sea creatures.

Open Memorial Day-Labor Day.
Hours of operation available at

Two locations downtown: 11 & 36 South Central Ave.

Rudyard Depot MuseumRudyard Depot Museum
Rudyard Depot Museum
Photograph of Rudyard Depot Museum

The Rudyard area has provided dinosaur specimens for the Museum of the Rockies (MOR) and other premier institutions for years. Now an MOR affiliate, the Depot Museum's signature display is the 'Oldest Sorehead,' a fully articulated Gryposaurus found near here. The facility's lifelike duckbill dinosaur and egg nest display places you right next to these ancient creatures, plus other permanent and changing dinosaur exhibits.

Open Memorial Day to Labor Day and Winter by appointment.

Hours of operation available at
406-355-4322 or 4356.

Located off US Hwy 2, 4th Avenue NW.

H. Earl Clack Memorial MuseumH. Earl Clack Memorial Museum
H. Earl Clack Memorial Museum
Photograph of Ackley Lake State Park

The museum's feature displays are 75 million year old dinosaur eggs and embryos found in area exposures of the Judith River Formation. Research suggests these eggs were laid by a Lambeosaur (a "duck bill" dinosaur) along the banks of an ancient river and estuary of the Bearpaw Sea that once covered this area. In addition to the dinosaur eggs and other fossil displays, the museum highlights the story of an archeological treasure immediately north of the museum facility: the Wahkpa Chu'gn Buffalo Jump Site.

Open all year.

Located on U.S. Hwy 2 W. of Havre, Holiday Village Mall.

Blaine County MuseumBlaine County Museum
Blaine Country Museum
Photograph of Blaine County Museum

The Blaine County Museum's Paleontology Department displays a dozen Judith River Formation exhibits including Hadrosaur, Gorgosaurus, and Ankylosaurus fossils from the area. Remains of gigantic marine reptiles Mosasaur and Plesiosaur are featured, along with invertebrates from the area's ancient ocean (75-500 million years ago). In the Look, Touch, and Wonder room guests can handle fossils of sea creatures, plants, and dinosaurs that roamed this area millions of years ago.

Open all year.
Hours of operation available at

Located 4 blocks off US Hwy 2, 501 Indiana Street.

Great Plains Dinosaur Museum and Field StationGreat Plains Dinosaur Museum and Field Station
Great Plains Dinosaur Museum and Field Station

The Great Plains Dinosaur Museum and Field Station displays rare fossils: fish, invertebrates, plants and a variety of dinosaur species such as Triceratops, Stegosaurus, sauropod, raptor, and Hadrosaurs 'Roberta' and 'Leonardo' - the mummy dinosaur that the Guinness Book of World Records lists as the 'best preserved' dinosaur. Museum includes preparation lab and gift shop. Summer field digs and area tours available.

Season and hours of operation available at, 406-654-5300.

Located on Hwy 2 East next to the Phillips County Museum.

Philips County MuseumPhilips County Museum
Phillips County Museum
Photograph of Philips County Museum

The Phillips County Museum features fossil discoveries from the nearby Judith River Formation (late cretaceous period, 77 million years ago). Features include a 33-foot long skeleton of "Elvis" the Brachylophosaurus, one of the best articulated dinosaur skeletons ever found, a complete T. rex skull, and a dynamically posed 28' skeleton of an early T. rex cousin, Albertosaurus. Pose with a 700-pound Apatosaurus femur and shop in the gift store.

Season and hours of operation available at

Located on US Hwy 2 East, next to the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum and Field

Fort Peck Interpretive Center and MuseumFort Peck Interpretive Center and Museum
Fort Peck Interpretive Center and Museum
Photograph of Elk Hornirst People's Buffalo Jump State Park

The Fort Peck Interpretive Center's signature attraction is "Peck's RexTM," one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons ever found. The lobby features a life-size replica model of Peck's Rex, and the exhibit hall displays a full-size skeleton cast. A Cretaceous Sea display and several other dinosaur exhibits are also highlighted.

Free. Open daily May-Sept.
Seasonal hours Oct-Apr


Located 1.5 mi. E. of Fort Peck townsite, Lower Yellowstone Rd.

Makoshika State ParkMakoshika State Park
Makoshika State Park
Photograph of Makoshika State Park

Makoshika (meaning "bad land" in Lakota) is part of the late Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation; more than ten different dinosaur species have been discovered in Makoshika. Significant finds include a complete Triceratops horridus skull (on display at the park's Visitor Center), fossil remains of Edmontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex and a nearly complete skeleton of the rare Thescelosaur.

Open year-round
Camping sites available. Hours of operation available at


Located 1.4 mi. S.E. of downtown on Snyder Ave., follow State Park/Dinosaur Track signs

Makoshika Dinosaur MuseumMakoshika Dinosaur Museum
Makoshika Dinosaur Museum
Photograph of Makoshika State Park

The Makoshika Dinosaur Museum displays fossils and casts from around the world. Displays include life-sized Allosaurus and Stegosaurus, Pterosaurs of all sizes, dinosaur skeletons, T. rex skull and many "fleshed-out" dinosaur sculptures.

Season and hours of operation available at

Located downtown at 104 W. Bell St.

Garfield County MuseumGarfield County Museum
Garfield County Museum
Photograph of Elk Hornirst People's Buffalo Jump State Park

The Garfield County Museum features Cretaceous fossils from the Hell Creek Formation. The first T. rex ever discovered was found near Jordan in 1902! Free attractions include a full T. rex skull, full-size Triceratops replica, and a Pachycephalosaur domed skull.

Open June 1-Labor Day.
Hours of operation available at

Local dinosaur digs available at
Located on US Hwy 200 East.

Carter County MuseumCarter County Museum
Carter County Museum
Photograph of Medicine Rocks State Park

Montana's first county museum, its paleontological finds include a mounted skeleton of Anatotitan copei (one of only a few nearly complete skeletons of this species found), as well as a complete skull of Triceratops horridus (three horns), skull casts of Pachycepalosaurus wyomingensisi (dome head) and a Nannotyrannys lancesis (tiny Tyrannosaur) - all collected from the nearby Hell Creek Formation.

Open all year.

Hours of operation available at 406-775-6886.

Located downtown at 306 N. Main.

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