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Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation


  • Southeast Montana
  • Indian Nation
Approximately 5,000 Northern Cheyenne, along with members of other tribes and with non-Native Americans, live on the reservation. Lame Deer is the tribal and government agency headquarters. There are four other districts that comprise the whole reservation. The rugged country of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation is in southeastern Montana. It covers 445,000 acres and is bounded on the east by the Tongue River and on the west by the Crow Reservation.

Major employers include the St. Labre Indian School, the federal government, tribal government, power companies and construction companies. The education system, farming, ranching and small businesses contribute to the economy.

A historical buffalo jump, burial sites of Indian chiefs, Custer's last camp before the Battle of the Little Bighorn, the Cheyenne Indian Museum and Gift Store, St. Labre Indian School and the Ashland Pow Wow are of special interest in the Ashland area.

Lame Deer is tribal headquarters and home of the Northern Cheyenne Powwow. Some features are the Northern Cheyenne Arts and Crafts Center, Charging Horse Casino and Cafe, Chief Dull Knife College Cultural Center and Lame Deer Museum. The Pow Wow and Rodeo is held the 4th of July weekend.
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