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Medicine Grizzly Trail


  • Glacier
  • National Park Trail
Medicine Grizzly Lake Trail climbs along the North Fork of Cutbank Creek. At mile 1.1, there is a junction to the old chalet road, stay to the right for Medicine Grizzly Lake and Triple Divide Pass. The Triple Divide junction will be at 3.9 miles. Turn right for the pass and Medicine Grizzly Lake. The trail then begins to gradually ascend to the Atlantic Creek valley. You will reach the Atlantic Campground at 4.3 miles. At 4.6 miles the Medicine Grizzly trail will veer to the left. Stay right for Triple Divide Pass.

Length: 6.0 miles
Trail Begins: Cut Bank Trailhead
Ends: Medicine Grizzly Lake

USGS Map1: Park Map
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Mailing Address
Glacier National Park
PO Box 128
West Glacier, MT 59936
Special direction map

Special Directions

The Medicine Grizzly Lake Trail departs from the parking lot just beyond the Cutbank Ranger Station, which is in the Two Medicine area.