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Yellowstone National Park Video Series

Explore each of the varied areas that make up America’s first National Park through our eight-part video series. Each downloadable segment will guide visitors through the best areas to explore and reveal a little local knowledge. A downloadable map is available to accompany the videos.

Download video PART 2       


From Old Faithful to Fishing Bridge there is no shortage of scenery, but still, Yellowstone Lake stands out as spectacular. Cruising along the western shore of this impressive body, you take in the West Thumb Geyser Basin and eventually arrive at the rustic architectural feature of Fishing Bridge.

Historic Extra

At one time as many as 50,000 anglers made their way onto Fishing Bridge to fish for the native cutthroats below. By 1937 the bridge was so worn, it had to be rebuilt. Today, fishing is not allowed to protect spawning cutthroats.

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