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Yellowstone National Park Video Series

Explore each of the varied areas that make up America’s first National Park through our eight-part video series. Each downloadable segment will guide visitors through the best areas to explore and reveal a little local knowledge. A downloadable map is available to accompany the videos.

Download video PART 4       


From Canyon Village to Madison, you travel along the edge of the Yellowstone Caldera passing a seemingly endless array of thermal attractions. Steamboat Geyser, Artist Paintpots, Monument Geyser Basin. The list goes on. Enjoy the drive.

Historic Extra

The Norris Soldier Station and Museum occupies a structure originally built to house cavalry soldiers on ski and horseback patrols. Naturally, it’s gone through a variety of changes since 1886. After repairing structural damage caused by the Hebgen Lake earthquake of 1959, the building was officially designated the Museum of the National Park Ranger featuring a range of exhibits pertaining to this valuable component of the Park experience.

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