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The following is a collection of the most "frequently asked questions" recieved by our call center. We hope this section will answer many of your travel related questions. For more information call 800-VISIT MT (800-847-4868) or contact Travel Montana.

General FAQs

National Park FAQs

1. Did Lewis and Clark travel through Montana on their historic expedition?

Yes, check out our Lewis and Clark website for more information about their journey through Montana.

2. Where can I find information about fishing in Montana?

For detailed information about fishing in Montana, visit our fishing section online.  You can also find detailed information at the Fish, Wildlife, and Parks website.

3. Can I travel onto an Indian reservation without special permission?

Yes, you can travel onto Indian reservations without special permission.  The reservations welcome you to experience their cultural tourism attractions, shop at their craft vendors, or simply to visit a different way of life.  Remember fishing and hunting on reservation land requires special permits available locally at reservation businesses.

4. Is it safe to drive in Montana in the winter?

Yes, regardless of weather conditions, Montana’s roads are some of the best kept in the nation.  High elevation highway passes can at times be closed or require chains.  We encourage you to check road conditions prior to travel, and see for yourself the magic of a Montana.

5. I heard that Montana has no posted speed limit, how fast can I drive?

As of May 28, 1999, Montana has posted speed limits for all state and interstate roads and highways.  Click here for more details, including the current driving laws.

6. Where can I find hiking trail maps?

Travel Montana has a complete listing of Montana trails and contact information. Maps for the specific areas of interest are available by contacting the National Forest Service. Additionally, the USGS maintains a current list of topographical map dealers in the state.

7. Do you have casinos in Montana?

Yes, in fact, Montana casinos offer a variety of gaming opportunities including live poker, keno, and electronic poker machines.  Get the gaming low down here. A partial list of Casinos is available from Travel Montana.

8. Do Montana hotels and resorts provide at-par prices for their Canadian visitors?

Many lodging properties in Montana offer specials to Canadian travelers that offer better rates of exchange between currencies.  Canadian visitors are encouraged to check with Montana establishments about special offers and promotions.

9. What else can I enjoy during a Montana winter in addition skiing?

How about winter carnivals, snowshoeing, sleigh rides, candlelight tours, snowmobiling and wildlife viewing for openers.  Check out all Montana has to offer online at

10. What is needed to cross the United States/Canadian border?

Travel Montana recommends travellers crossing the United States/Canadian border be prepared to show a driver's license or state ID as well as a copy of a birth certificate.  A copy of a birth certificate may be needed for minors as well.

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National Park Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the National Park Service limiting the number of people visiting Yellowstone & Glacier National Park?

While steps have been taken in other National Parks to limit visitation, the National Parks Service does not limit the number of visitors to Yellowstone and Glacier.  A seven day pass at Glacier is $10.00 and $20.00 at Yellowstone. All camping is limited to 14 days between June 15 and Labor Day, and to 30 days the rest of the year.

2. How much time should I spend in either Yellowstone or Glacier Park?

Of course our answer is “Spend as much time as you want!”   Honestly, this question depends on the kind of experience you are hoping for.  Allow extra time for a good look at all the park has to offer, including wildlife viewing, hiking, biking, rafting, camping.  Many historical sites, shopping areas, and other great Montana attractions are within easy driving distance of the parks.

3. When does Glacier National Park and Going to the Sun Road Open?

Glacier is open all year round.  Going to the Sun Highway opens when weather permits.  In the past several years, the road has been fully open by late May/early June with closure by the third week in October.

4. Can I reserve campground sites in Glacier or Yellowstone National Park?

Campsites can be reserved in both parks with certain limitations.  For information about reserving campground sites in Yellowstone National Park call 1-307-344-7311.  For information about reserving campground sites in Glacier National Park call 1-800-365-2267. Reservations for both parks begin March 15th!

5. If the lodges in Glacier Park or Yellowstone are full what options to do I have?

Glacier Park and Yellowstone Park both have numerous lodging alternatives  within easy driving distance of each park. Glacier Park visitors can stay the night in the towns of West Glacier, East Glacier, Essex, Browning, Kalispell, Columbia Falls, Whitefish, and in many other cities within a 30-45 minute drive. Yellowstone Park visitors can stay in West Yellowstone, Big Sky, Mammoth Hot Springs, Pray, Cooke City, and several other cities within the same 30-45 minute distance.
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