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High Plains

From Cole Boehler

Fort Benton



When you close your eyes at night do you see a ribbon of road stretching off into a seamless landscape of unknown? Do you see yourself having that road all to yourself? Do you see a bar at the end with cold beer, a good jukebox and friends you just haven’t met yet? Do you see this stretching on for not just one day but as many as you’d like? Well, then, what you see when you close your eyes sounds a lot like Montana’s High Plains.


T-Rex Trek

Begin this 3 day tour (336 miles) at Glasgow, or reverse the order and start at Malta, if you prefer.
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C. M. Russell Ride

Take US 87 north of Great Falls to historic Fort Benton, once the world’s most inland port where steamships carried supplies up the Missouri River.
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Mountains to Wind Towers

Travel from Great Falls to Judith Gap and back, passing 90 wind towers along the way.
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Dawn to Dusk Rides

Try any one of these easy scenic single day trips.
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