Map of Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge

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Biking Photos (14K)Location: Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge
Type: Mountain Bike Ride
Rating: Easy to Moderate
Mileage: 29.5 miles

The Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge, established in 1936, lies in the Central Flyway of the great waterfowl migration cor-
ridor extending from Canada to Mexico. It serves as a major resting area for waterfowl on their journeys to and from prime nesting areas in Canada.

The best time to observe the migrating flocks of waterfowl is in early fall or late spring. While cycling around the perimeter of Bowdoin Lake, in addition to ducks and geese you may spot white pelicans, Caspian terns, California and ring-billed gulls, white-faced ibis,double crested comorants,and great blue herons. Before heading out on the loop, check to see if recent rains have made the route muddy.