Map of Choteau to Augusta

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Biking Photos (14K)Location: Choteau and Augusta, MT
Type: Road Ride
Rating: Easy to Moderate
Mileage: 23.6 miles

This is a wonderful short road-ride with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountain Front. You ll travel between two friendly Montana towns: Choteau and Augusta.

From your starting point in Choteau,you ll be only 20 miles east of the Rocky Mountain Front. The Front forms the border between the wild lands and wilderness of the Lewis and Clark National Forest and the foothills and plains domesticated by area ranchers and farmers.

At the Old Trail Museum in Choteau you can learn about the vast inland sea that covered this area some 80 million years ago,and the dinosaurs that roamed the shores of that sea.If you ve got some extra time, plan on a tour of the dig site. From prime dinosaur habitat you’ll ride to the home of the Wildest One Day Show On Earth. Each June, the town of Augusta hosts the American Legion Rodeo, bringing in cowboys and visitors from all over the west.