Rating Scale For Rides

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It's never easy to describe a bicycle ride in terms of difficulty, because what is difficult to one cyclist can be most difficult for another.

You'll note in the individual ride descriptions that some rides are mountain bike rides, and others are road rides. While a shorter road ride can often be accomplished in comfort on a mountain bike, you'll want to be careful about reversing that approach and attempting some of the mountain bike rides with a bicycle intended for road use.

We've chosen to break the rides featured on this site into three categories:

  • Easy/Family -- These rides can be accomplished by neophyte riders, and are generally suitable for families with younger cyclists. In this category you'll find short rides with low traffic, smooth pavement or trail surfaces, and few if any hills. *
  • Moderate -- Here's where the challenges start. The distances are longer, and typically include some steeper and/or longer hills. Children who have some background in riding will enjoy some of the shorter rides, but be ready to turn back early. *
  • Experienced -- We've included several multi-day rides, as well as some very challenging mountain bike adventures in this category. Lots of hills, high vistas, and never-ending scenery.

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