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Off the Beaten Path

Explore the road less traveled in Montana


6 Winter Adventures that Take You Off the Beaten Path

Sometimes you need to get away, and while Montana is the place to do just that, those looking to truly escape this winter can rest even easier knowing that Big Sky Country offers a variety of fun things to do in some pretty remote, and even uncharted, places. Since most of these unforgettable experiences are just off the beaten path, you may want to plan ahead. 


1. View Wildlife

Whether they have paws, wings, or hooves, Montana is the place to see it. In fact, you can find a greater variety of wildlife here than anywhere else in the lower 48. Watch grazing bison in the sprawling acres of the National Bison Range or spot climbing mountain goats while snowmobiling through scenic mountain trails of Seeley-Swan Range. For the curious traveler, there’s a wild world out there waiting.
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2. Beautiful Winter Landscapes

Some of the most beautiful views are just off the trail, including Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, which offers solitude, serenity, and the breathtaking view of Bighorn River, and the historically rich Terry Badlands where you’ll find a new appreciation for the phrase “Big Sky Country.” For a memorable hike, grab your camera and take the perfect landscape photo.
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3. Ride and Dine in a Sleigh

Dinner can be a time when couples and families relax. Or it can be an adventure. Lone Mountain Ranch offers moonlight sleigh rides through the mountains to North Fork Cabin for a delicious meal around the fire. Or take a festive sleigh ride at Cripple Creek Horse Ranch before enjoying a three-course meal, perfect for any romantic night or family get-together. It’s one of the many ways to bring the off-trail experience to every part of your day.
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4. Stay in a Remote Mountain Lodge or Cabin

There’s nothing like waking up in the mountains, surrounded by a blanket of snow-covered trees. Couples and large groups alike can find spectacular log cabins and lodges tucked away from the rest of the world throughout Montana. Places like Double Arrow Lodge, nestled in the Seeley-Swan Valley, or Polebridge, a historic community near Glacier National Park, offer weary travelers a place of refuge and relaxation.
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5. Explore a Ghost Town

Montana is home to a number of time-bending ghost towns, once vibrant communities now preserved in time. But these abandoned “ghost towns” are more lively than you might think—skate on the frozen dredge pond of the former gold mining town of Bannack State Park or take a cross-country skiing tour to Garnet Ghost Town before renting a cabin for the night.
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6. Go Backcountry Skiing

Imagine taking a comfortable ride in a giant, heated all-terrain vehicle through the deep snow of the Montana backcountry to your own private ski slope—complete with scenic views, pristine mountains, and heart-racing rides. A day trek with Great Northern Powder Guides lets you do just that. Located near the world famous ski town of Whitefish, this is the ultimate off-trail experience for skiers of all ages looking for pristine views and powder to shred.
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