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Neat Coulee on the Upper Missouri River Breaks


  • Landmark
Neat Coulee forms the upstream end of the Eagle Creek camping area on the Wild and Scenic Missouri River section of the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. A narrow slot canyon; it was formed by water erosion of the white sandstone cliffs creating a picturesque riverside setting which has attracted artists and photographers over two centuries.

The monument is covered with sedimentary rocks deposited in shallow seas that covered central and eastern Montana during the Cretaceous period. Glaciers, volcanic activity, and erosion have since folded, faulted, uplifted, and sculpted the landscape to the majestic form it takes today.

The landscape throughout the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument contains a spectacular array of biological, scientific, historic, wildlife, ecological, and cultural resources mixed with a remote location that offers opportunities for solitude not commonly found today. This remote location retains unspoiled, natural settings that form a backdrop for outstanding recreational and cultural tourism opportunities.
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The Upper Missouri River Breaks encompasses an area of 375,000 acres that parallel the Missouri River landscape from Fort Benton on US Highway 87 through central Montana north of Lewistown and the west end at the CMR National Wildlife Refuge and US Highway 191.