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Virginia City Audio Tour

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Virginia City Audio Tour

Virginia City Audio Tour

Find yourself at the intersection of Old West myth and history where bygone deeds are revisited daily for the modern travelers to absorb. Once a thriving gold mining settlement, some might describe Virginia City as an awakened ghost town and one of the West's most vigorous preservation projects.


The stops on the tour include:


1. Northern Pacific Railroad Depot

2. Smith & Boyd Livery Stable, The Opera House

3. The Bale of Hay Saloon

4. Sauerbier Blacksmith Shop

5. S.L. Simpson Building - Barber Shop

6. Buford Block

7. Content's Corner

8. Stonewall Hall

9. The Pioneer Bar

10. City Hall/Elk's

11. Madison County Courthouse

12. Territorial Governor's Mansion

13. Thomas Hickman Museum

14. Gilbert Brewing Complex

15. Hangman's Building

16. Masonic Temple

17. Rank's Drug

18. Montana Post

19. Fairweather Inn

20. Goldberg/McGovern Store

21. Aunt Julia's/Leviathan Hall



virginia city audio tour