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Chilling Tales and Eerie Places

Discover Montana’s haunted history

From ghost stories to haunted houses, fall is the perfect time to indulge in the thrill of the supernatural. Many historic places in Montana are known for their own spooky tales as well as their role in state history, and a fall road trip to these stops can be an unforgettable and thrilling experience.  

When you visit one of Montana’s historic spots like the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls, you’ll find more than just ghostly tales and legends. Montana has a rich past that comes to life in the present at museums like the Daly Mansion in Hamilton, memorial sites and other attractions across the state. Take time to explore the present-day community of cities like HavreVirginia City or Butte, and step back in time with historical tours. Visit the Old Montana Prison in Deer Lodge to experience one of the most haunted places in Montana. Stories of apparitions in empty cells, cell doors closing by themselves and the sounds of crying have been reported. 

Centuries ago, Montana earned the name “Treasure State” when it beckoned treasure seekers to travel west. Booming mining communities such as Bannack and Garnet were founded by those hoping to strike gold in Big Sky Country. Over the years, they were left abandoned as their inhabitants moved on to bigger cities and new opportunities. Today, the weathered structures of these ghost towns stand preserved, serving as architectural skeletons of Montana’s rugged past. A visit to towns like Bannack and Virginia City may give you a glimpse of a long-forgotten miner clutching a cache of gold.

Imagine hearing the light clop of a horse’s hooves hitting the ground, seeing the apparition of a woman walking the halls, or feeling a cold breeze chill you to your bones in an enclosed room. These are a few of the things one may experience when staying at some of Montana’s oldest lodging accommodations. Travel to Fort Benton, one of Montana’s oldest towns, and stay at the Grand Union Hotel where visitors have had phantom experiences; or visit the Belton Chalet in West Glacier to share a room with some ghostly guests that never checked out. 

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