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The Sky's the Limit

From Near Death to New Horizons


From Near Death to New Horizons

After a tragic injury, Chef Garcia is rediscovering himself and Montana.

Chef Eduardo Garcia’s story made national headlines when a tragic injury cost him his left arm, some ribs and nearly his life. Now, five years after his near-death experience, he’s back in his home state of Montana and starring in The Harvest, the fourth short film in The Sky's the Limit video series.

The video follows Eduardo on a year-long journey through Paradise Valley, Mont., and documents his story of perseverance. The healing power of his surroundings comes to life as he hikes mountains, fishes, hunts, forages and creates the perfect meal—this time for family and friends who helped him on his difficult journey back.

 “After spending 50 days in the ICU, I was given a choice--recover in Salt Lake City or anywhere of my choosing. It was so easy to say I want to come home,” said Garcia, referring to Montana. “I spent every day hiking down the cottonwoods looking for whitetail antlers. My goal and my dream was that by March and April I’d be strong enough to hike up the sage and junipers. That’s how I got strong again—hiking.”

In addition to watching Garcia’s story, visitors to The Harvest episode page can chart their own adventure through Montana this fall by following links to Montana trails, hunting, fly fishing hot spots and more. Feel free to share this video with your audience and invite them to explore Montana. Check out our Flickr page to view and grab images from Garcia’s adventure.

In addition to the short film, Garcia’s inspirational story is being turned into a feature-length documentary titled Charged, which is set to debut in early 2017. Garcia is the co-owner of Montana Mex, a Montana-based company that produces and sells seasonings, sauces and oils nationwide.