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Going to the Extreme in Montana

Thrill-seeker returns to Montana for another flight


Going to the Extreme in Montana

"Big Sky Country calls me back every time," said Adam Majors. "I couldn't stay away."

In Home Coming, the latest installment in The Sky's the Limit video series from the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development, daredevil Adam Majors returns to Montana for a flight down Saddle Peak in Bozeman. Majors, a sky fly pilot, uses a fabric speed glider to fly from mountain peaks for an adrenaline-pumping ride. Now a family man, Majors returns home to take to the sky once more, taking on the slope that has always eluded him.

"There's nothing more gratifying than dreaming about something and having it come true for you," Majors said.

Adam's story is just one of the many ways thrill-seekers find and create their own extreme adventures in Montana. For more story ideas, check out our list of Montana's nine extreme activities which includes:

  • Ice Climbing -- When winter hits, Hyalite Canyon becomes the perfect spot for ice climbing, offering the perfect combinations of frozen waterfalls and cliffs. For more information, find ice climbing guide locations.

  • Montana's Most Extreme Slopes -- For the seasoned skier looking for the most challenging runs, Montana offers a number of black diamond slopes that will challenge even the most experienced adventurer. Go here for more information about ski areas, resorts, and conditions.

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