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The Sky's the Limit

Riding Out the Dog Days of Winter


Riding Out the Dog Days of Winter

Dogsled team discovers their calling in Montana

For Absaroka Dogsled Treks owners Mat Stimpson and Hannah Vogel, that first ride through the Montana backcountry was more than a heart-racing experience. It was cathartic. In the short film In the Moment, the latest installment in The Sky's the Limit video series, the team shares one of the rarest views of the beautiful Absaroka Mountain range-riding through canyon cuts and vista points led by a powerful pack of sled dogs.

"I will never forget that very first ride in Montana," said Stimpson. "Seeing the dogs in their very natural state truly doing what they were born to do, and I remember having the feeling that I too was doing what I felt I was born to do at that time."

The film explores the many ways that the Montana landscape inspires Mat, Hannah, and their dog sled companions - both on and off the trail. From traveling along scenic mountain passes to taking a wintertime swim in Chico's local hot spring, the Absaroka Dogsled Treks team proves that living in the moment is easy when you're doing what you love.

In addition to watching Mat and Hannah's story, visitors to the In the Moment episode page can plan their own snow day adventure using an itinerary of exciting things to see and do in Montana, including snowshoeing in the mountains, discovering a variety of historical landmarks, and taking in the beauty of a natural wonder. Check out our Flickr page for more photos of the dog sledding trek.