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Rings and Ridgelines

Watch artist Jessica Lewis Creates one-of-a-kind jewelry inspired by Montana’s picturesque landscapes


Rings and Ridgelines

“Montana is so special because it’s so wild,” says Jessica Lewis. “And I feel like when you’re out in those areas you experience everything a little bit more deeply.”

In Wild Designs, artist and metal smith Jessica Lewis draws inspiration from Montana’s sweeping mountains and wide open spaces to create a collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry. As the owner of the online jewelry shop Ruby + Revolver, Jessica brings the style and spirit of Big Sky Country to her artwork.

“As an artist you’re constantly taking bits and pieces from different things that you see,” Jessica says. “I want to evoke that feeling in whatever piece of jewelry that I’m creating.”

Jessica uses a variety of locally sourced stones from Montana, allowing jewelry lovers the chance to bring a piece of Montana with them wherever they go.

“To me there’s a lot of freedom in things that feel wild,” Jessica says. “Wide open spaces fuel a certain style that I’m going for when I’m working in the studio.”

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