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The Sky's the Limit

Backdrop to the Big Dream


The Sky's the Limit: Backdrop to the Big Dream

Two supermoms make dream of raising a family and building a publishing empire come true in Montana

Only in Montana. Those are the words Elke Govertsen, founder and CEO of Mamalode Magazine, has come to live by. Seven years ago, Govertsen chose to take on the dual role of raising a family and pursuing her dream-to share the good, the bad and the beautiful moments of motherhood with moms like her. The result was Mamalode, a national magazine written by and for moms.

Growing up in Montana, Govertsen has always been inspired by her surroundings. The mountains, rivers, the sense of community, all continue to serve as an inspiration to her. In fact, according to Govertsen, Montana is why Mamalode exists.

"As a new mom, I really struggled. It wasn't until I met this group of women who shared their true stories and heart stuff with me that I realized-this is just a hard thing to do," said Govertsen. "They fundamentally changed my experiences as a mom, which in turn changed my family's experience. That's where Mamalode came from."

What started as a regional magazine soon became a national phenomenon. Moms in Montana loved Mamalode so much that they were taking stacks of the magazine and mailing them to sisters, friends and college roommates. Within a year, Mamalode had paid subscribers in 50 states and 10 countries. And to think it all started with an investment of just $400. Only in Montana.

"I don't think anyone expected a major parenting media company to come out of Montana," said Govertsen. "To me, Montana is the backdrop to the big dream, whether that's for my family or my business."

Govertsen and business partner Dori Gilels' story is captured in Turning Pages, a new short from the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development, and the latest episode in The Sky's the Limit series.

In addition to the Mamalode story, the episode shows why Montana is a great travel destination for families who want to slow down and exist in the wilderness, something visitors to the Turning Pages episode page on VISITMT.COM can discover for themselves with links to family activities and trails. To view photos from this episode, visit our flickr page.