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The Sky's the Limit

Turning a Day In the Mountains Into a Work of Art


Turning a Day In the Mountains Into a Work of Art

Skier and artist Rachel Pohl finds inspiration in Montana’s high elevations

Most people have a hard time following one dream. Rachel Pohl is following two. She has made a career doing the two things she loves most-painting and downhill skiing.  During the winter months, Rachel spends her days trekking up and skiing down Montana's snow-covered mountains, all the while searching for her next landscape to paint. Her use of vibrant colors defines her signature, mixed-media style of art. It also embodies her outlook on life.

"There's something really special about waking up hours and hours before anyone else and just sort of feeling the world around you breathe," said Rachel. "Here in Montana, having large mountains and very few people make it possible to venture into some really wild places. Largely, my work is inspired by Montana and the places I go. Being able to share that with other people has been a real gift."

Rachel's story is captured in Alpen Glow, the latest installment in The Sky's the Limit campaign, a series of short films produced by the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development. The film follows Rachel as she makes her way up and down the Bridger Mountains, one of Montana's most beautiful mountain ranges, then back to her studio in Bozeman, where she turns her experience into a work of art.

"When I'm out there, I feel really inspired. My goal always is to bring home that feeling of inspiration and appreciation for Montana and where I've been," said Rachel. "We've all had those experiences in the mountains that make us feel really happy to be alive. My artwork is my expression of my gratitude for those places."  

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