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FamilyFun's Epic Family Adventures

In Montana, nobody tells kids to settle down

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FamilyFun's Epic Family Adventures


Epic Family Adventures

In Montana, nobody tells kids to settle down. This is where they run free. Jump in a raft. Explore national parks and ghost towns. Cross mountain ranges. Spot moose, elk and bears. It’s all waiting for your family to discover. Pick your starting point and venture forth!


Missoula Area

What place has snowcaps and whitecaps? When it comes to canyons, rivers and mountains, the Missoula area covers it high and low.
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Butte Area

Where's a west that's still wild? That wold be Butte, home to ghost towns, cowboy cookouts and tours that go deep.
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Bozeman Area

What's in Yellowstone's neighborhood? In the backyard of the world's first national park, Bozeman beckons with hot attractions.
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Great Falls Area

Where can you find art and adventure? Connect with Great Falls' relaxing springs and rivers, fun frontier history, and 60 miles of trails.
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Billings Area

Where can you find horses and dinosaurs in one spot? Saddle up for a wild horse ride around Billings, where both riding trails and fossils await.
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