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Crow & Northern Cheyenne

A look at Southeast Montana's First Nations


The crow and Northern Cheyenne tribes are some of the most influential people in our region's history. Explore the options in this itinerary to gain more knowledge of these people and Montana history as a whole.

Length of Trip: Approx. 215 mi. / full day


Start your day at the Visit Billings Visitor Information Center where you can gather information and ask a local any questions you may have.


Head up to Pictograph Caves State Park. Explore three caves and see evidence of habitation from 3,000 years ago. Visit their Visitor Interpretive Center and explore ancient artifacts. This is an excellent place to get out and hike around or just peruse at your leisure. ($6 per nonresident)

Extra: Want to experience the breathtaking Yellowstone River? Stop at Four Dances Recreation Area on your way back to Billings.

Once you are done, head over to the Yellowstone County Museum. It was organized in 1953 and sits atop the rims at Logan International Airport overlooking the city of Billings and the scenic Yellowstone River Valley. Entrance to the more than 15,000 artifacts representing the area’s history is through an authentic pioneer log cabin. The museum is free of charge and open 11 months of the year. It is truly a treasure chest of Montana’s past. (Free Admission)


After Yellowstone County Museum head to the third most visited attraction in Montana, the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. This battle, also known as Custer’s Last Stand, has more books written about it than any other battle in history. Take in history on the grounds where it took place; where the Sioux and Cheyenne battled Custer and the U.S. Army’s 7th Cavalry in one of the last e orts to preserve the native way of life. (Standard National Park fees apply)

Extra: Stop for lunch at the local Custer Battlefield Trading Post for delicious food.


Enjoy the short scenic drive to Chief Plenty Coups State Park. Where you can discover the history of the Apsáalooke people’s last traditional tribal chief with an informative visitor’s center and a 1/2 mile walk of the grounds. Visit Chief Plenty Coups’ home and learn about native culture, history, and legacy. ($6 per nonresident)


Head back to Billings to shop at the Indian Nations Trading Post and eat at one of the local restaurants or enjoy the Walkable Brewery District.

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