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Parents Mission Montana

Your family's mission—and we're sure you'll accept it——is to experience Montana in all of its natural wonder. Your reward? An amazing vacation and a lifetime of memories.

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Mission Montana

94 million acres of adventure

So much to explore. So many ways to get here. So, where to start? Flip through these pages for seven great basecamps providing a hub for exciting missions through dinosaur digs, wildlife "wow" moments. Ghost town hunts and so much more. In Montana, your mission for family fun will never end, and it will always be unique. It's what keeps adventure-seekers coming back again and again. 

Central Montana

Dig into pie served with history and other delicious discoveries in this trail-centric area.
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Southeast Montana

Trace the events of a history-changing battle. Discover dinos and spot real-life cowboys
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Missouri River Country

Cruise among the antelope, fish for your biggest catch yet and settle under bright stars.
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Yellowstone Country

See grizzlies, splash into hot springs and take in the wonder of America's first national park.
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Glacier Country

Paddle among marshes and visit one of the best-kept secrets of Glacier National Park.
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Southwest Montana

Sweep through ghost towns and abandoned prisons, unearthing stories along the way.
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Indian Country

Follow the north's Sleeping Buffalo Trail, where native tribes honor colorful traditions
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