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Roadtrippers' Montana Road Trips

Roadtrippers' Montana Trips

The Big Sky State has big fun for all! Travel down Going-to-the-sun road into Glacier National Park, and make sure to stop by the surreally blue Grinnell Lake. Go for a hike in one of our many state parks, including some ghost towns that will make you feel like you have gone back in time. Find yourself stargazing while visiting one of our relaxing hot springs, or share a drink with a mermaid in Great Falls. Jam-packed days full of fun and nights filled with unique accommodations and delicious food. Whatever road you find yourself on, you will find out why the Treasure State is such a treasure!


Billings - Montana's Trailhead

Billings is a melting pot of everything that makes Montana great: the rustic Western heritage, the natural beauty, the small town charm and the big city attractions. And with so much to see and do both in the city and just outside it, it's no wonder it's known as Montana's Trailhead!
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Hottest Natural Hot Springs

When visiting Montana, it can be easy to jam-pack your trip with non-stop adventure. Hiking through Glacier! Drinking your way along the Beer Trail! Staying up all night stargazing! It's all worth doing, but it's also important to take a moment to relax... and Montana has tons of thermal hot springs that are great for taking a moment to unwind.
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Ghost Town State Park

The town of Bannack was founded in 1862, when gold was discovered on Grasshopper Creek, and it didn't take long for prospectors and enterprising businessmen to flood in. Even though it was in a pretty remote part of Montana, bakeries, hotels, breweries, billiards halls, saloons, blacksmith shops, butchers, and more sprang up.
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Largest Ski Resort

There is no shortage of beautiful mountains to ski in Montana, but there's only one Big Sky Resort. It's 5,800 acres of pure winter bliss on Lone Peak-- and if you're an avowed ski bum, there's no better place in Montana to hit the slopes.
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After Dark

There's no denying that Montana is jam-packed with enough to see and do to keep you busy for days on end, but the fun doesn't have to stop when the sun sets. It's one of the better states for observing the night sky as well! Its northern location, clear and clean air, and relative lack of light pollution allow the stars to shine brightly across the state.
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Glacier Hidden Gems

Glacier National Park itself isn't exactly a hidden gem-- its enchanting mountain beauty makes it one of the most popular destinations in Montana. But just because people flock to the park to take in the famously fantastic views (we're looking at you, Going-to-The-Sun Road!) doesn't mean there aren't hidden gems tucked away among the snowy mountain peaks and serene lakes.
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Stunning Flathead Valley

Montana is famed for its stunning natural beauty, but there's more to the state than just majestic mountains, sweeping green valleys, crystal lakes, and lush forests. The quaint towns tucked within these beautiful landscapes are just as worth a visit as the outdoor wonders.
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Everything Awesome

The best piece of advice for planning a road trip through Montana? Be prepared to change up your plans and make unexpected stops, because you never know what you'll stumble across on an adventure through Montana-- it's really full of extraordinary surprises! You might even find yourself exploring the hidden history of one of Montana's quaintest little towns, or solving a mystery about musical rocks.
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Wildest Locales

Looking to take a walk on the wild side? There's no better place to experience some truly untamed wildlife and wilderness than Montana! With large stretches of land set aside to protect endangered species and save natural habitats, Montana is a great place to really get away from it all and experience your own wild side.
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Challenge Accepted State Parks

Sure, Montana is most famous for being home to Glacier National Park (and for being the Gateway to Yellowstone, too!) but just because you can visit National Parks here doesn't mean the state parks are any less awesome. From unique wildlife and stunning scenery to historic caves and rugged hikes, you'll find that Montana has some really awesome state parks that are unlike anything you've ever experienced.
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