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Skijor Lincoln

JAN 19 - JAN 20


  • Racing Event
Register now for 2018 Lincoln Skijoring. You must be a member of SJA to register in the open or sport division. Purchase your annual membership or weekend warrior membership to receive your SJA member number.

With this registration you are purchasing your half of the team for the weekend. This allows you one run per day with your team (1 Skier, 1 Rider, & 1 Horse) - 2 runs total for the weekend. Your teammate still has to sign up and pay their half before you will be allowed to run.

Skiers may not ride in more than one division
Riders may not ride more than two horses in a day.
Horses may not switch Division.
A horse may not run more than twice a day.
OPEN - $150 per team, 80% Payback, 50% of added money

SPORT - $75 per team, 60% Payback, 30% of added money

NOVICE - $50 per team, 50% Payback, 30% of added money

Select the Quantity of teams you will be entering for your division.

Online signups include a fee of 2.9% +.30

You will still need to sign your waiver at Friday Night Registration.

Boarding available at the event site.
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Street Address
Lincoln Rodeo Grounds
Lincoln, MT Get directions