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Bicycle Touring

The best way to experience Montana's unspoiled nature

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Some Tips For Touring Montana by bicycle

There's a reason Montana's nickname is Big Sky Country. Since Montana is the fourth largest state, there's plenty of space to discover. A great way to explore Montana is on two wheels with the help of a little manpower. Ride across the high plains. Climb mountain passes. Cruise through charming towns with welcoming locals. 

Sometimes, the vast open distances in Montana, spaces between the places, are hard for first time visitors to comprehend. They present unique challenges for bikers who want to tour Montana on bike for the first time. Food and lodging are genuine concerns when towns are as spread out as they are in Montana. Bike shops are limited to the bigger towns, and in many smaller towns even hardware stores are becoming rare.

Many small towns are not used to having touring cyclists pass through, much less desiring to spend the night. As a result its best to call ahead to local communities and see if they provide any special support for touring cyclist. While it is fun to get off the beaten path, doing so in Montana requires extra care and planning. Be sure to have a plan and a back-up plan for every leg of your journey. Once your plan is set, pack up your saddlebags for your tour of Big Sky Country. 


MDT Statewide Bicycle Road Map

MDT Statewide Bicycle Road Map