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Bike Route: Billings to Molt

35 Miles of Hill Climbs & Descents

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Location: Billings
Type: Road Ride
Rating: Moderate
Mileage: 35 mile

This is a favorite route among the large contingent of road cyclists that call Montana’s largest city home. This ride offers plenty of heart pumping hill climbs, adrenaline rushed descents and fantastic Big Sky scenery.

You can begin the ride at the Zimmerman Park Trailhead parking area on the city’s northeastern side. This trailhead also is the place to begin Billing’s best mountain bike riding, (see Cycling Route Index).For road riding, head down the steep Zimmerman Trail Road and turn right (east) onto Rimrock Road which will whisk you from the residential bustle of Billings into a sweeping country of wide open spaces and far-away mountain ranges.

On the outskirts of town, turn right onto 62nd Street, which soon turns into Molt Road. You’ll pass by a golf course as the road begins a long (and sometimes) steep ascent on a narrow hogback. As the road continues up, the views of the Beartooth Mountains to the south and the Crazy Mountain to the east, steadily improve.

At approximately 15 miles you arrive at the intersection with Buffalo Trail Road. Unless you have a real curiosity about seeing the tiny town of Molt which is another mile to the east, turn left (south) onto the Buffalo Trail Road and enjoy a long, mostly downhill descent of 8 miles. Turn left (west) onto Lipp Road where there are great rimrock formations to view, then left onto 88th Street, which turns into Grand Avenue. Finally, turn left onto 62nd Street and reconnect with Rimrock Road, turn right and head back to Zimmerman Trail. You’ll end the ride with a rather steep climb.

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Map of the Billings-Molt bike ride