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Bike Route: Lake Koocanusa Loop

80 Miles of Lakeside Natural Splendor

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Location: Between Eureka and Libby
Type: Road Bike
Rating: Experienced
Mileage: 80 Miles

This 80-mile loop ride is arguably one of the best road riding opportunities in the Big Sky state. When the government created Libby Dam in 1972, they flooded towns and the whole Kootenai River Valley. The monster of a lake created now extends 90 miles upstream with 48 miles in the U.S. and 42miles in Canada. Without knowing it, the Corps also created a road cyclist's dream.

It is difficult to find a level section on this'll continually find yourself going either up or down and around another bend as the road hugs high above the lake's shore. The hills and the distance earn this ride an Experienced rating.

Map of the Lake Koocanusa Loop

Map of the Lake Koocanusa Loop