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Watching Wildlife

Watching Wildlife

Montana is home to some truly majestic creatures, big and small. From the prairies to the mountains, our beautiful natural landscapes provide a rich diversity and abundance of wildlife habitats. National parks, state parks, forests, wilderness areas, and wildlife refuges offer prime opportunities for wildlife watching, but head outdoors anywhere in Big Sky Country while paying attention and you're bound encounter some of our amazing fauna.


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Wildlife Viewing Tips

Kid Friendly
Montana has a greater variety of wildlife than anywhere in the lower 48. Being prepared is essential for a safe and rewarding viewing experience and these guidelines and tips are great starting points.
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Find a Wildlife Viewing Area

Check out these designated wildlife watching hot spots.
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Take a wildlife viewing tour with any of these local guides.
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Under the Big Sky in Autumn

From Outside Magazine
"The 1.1 million-acre Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge...[is] a haven for wildlife-lovers of nearly every stripe."
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National Parks & Wildlife Adventures in Montana

From LocalWanderer
"Here are three of our favorite nature and wildlife spots in the state to help you decide where to go in Montana and plan your epic road trip!"
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