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Reynolds Battlefield


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Reynold's Battlefield Monument is located about 28 miles southwest of Broadus on the Powder River down County Road 391 towards Moorhead Road. This battle on March 17, 1876 was a forerunner to the Battle of the Little Bighorn. The original purpose of the expedition was to force the Sioux Indians to return to the reservation. Colonel Joseph L. Reynolds column cam across the camp of Cheyenne warriors and attacked their village thinking they were Sioux. After a 5 hour battle the Indians drove the soldiers back and made their way to the Ekalaka area where they joined Crazy Horse and his people. Reynolds was later court marshaled in part for leaving 2 dead soldiers on the battlefield. Although it lacked the glory of the Rosebud and Little Bighorn battles, Reynolds battle was an important event in western history.
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3/4 mile from Broadus on Road 391.