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native person dancing in regalia

Indian Country

Experience native languages, cultures and traditions throughout Indigenous Country in Montana

Indian Country Guidebook

A northwestern state of breathtaking mountain ranges and rolling prairie lands, scattered with colorful wildflowers and golden wheat fields, and set with scenic backdrops of bright blue skies, Montana is a dream destination for unforgettable experiences and outdoor fun.



Visitors to Montana should be aware travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic may vary on the seven Indian reservations in Montana. As tribal governments continue to assess public health risks, travel restrictions may change at any time depending on current conditions.

Travelers are encouraged to contact tribal governments for the latest information before beginning their trips in order to plan accordingly.

About Indian Country

There is great diversity among the twelve tribes located in Big Sky Country in their languages, rituals, histories and governments. Each tribe has a distinct and unique cultural heritage that contributes to modern Montana. Native languages and traditions are alive and well throughout Indian Country, where visitors are welcome to experience the varied customs of each tribe.


Learn about Montana's Indian Nations consisting of 12 recognized tribes on eight reservations.


Indian Country Trips

Come see for yourself all that the Native American culture has to offer. Go beyond the cinematic version seen on television and in movies, and feed your soul by experiencing the many tribal communities, diverse cultures and history of this vast, unspoiled land. Your experience is made easier by following one, or all, of our customized road trips created to guide you through the heart of the eight federally recognized Indian nations. These trips highlight what is remarkable within each of the seven tribal reservations. We encourage you to journey off the beaten path to explore unique sights, buy local authentic arts and crafts, taste Native American cuisine and experience the splendor and beauty of the tribal nations across Montana.



Find lodging in and around Indian Country.


Guides and Tours

A native-led tour through Indian Country invites you to create a new vision of Native Americans. It invites you to open yourself up to enriching perspectives and interpretations of the traditions and customs that have been passed down from generation to generation. Book a tour with a native guide and learn about the sacred views of the miles and miles of unspoiled landscapes you will encounter.



Find annual events and powwows on Indian Country.


Additional Resources

Explore some essential understandings regarding Indian Country in Montana.