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Art Galleries & Installations

If art reflects life, Montana’s galleries offer a unique glimpse into western and Native American culture through ceramics, paintings, photographs, sculptures and more. Enjoy the great talents on display — and maybe bring home a Montana-made piece of art.



Immersed in rich history, Montana is filled with diverse heritage, Native American culture, glimpses of the Old West, copper kings and pioneer stories. Step back in time by visiting one of the many unique and fascinating museums in Montana and experience the stories of the land, the people and the past.


Historic Sites & Battelfields

History is everywhere in Montana. Even before Montana became a state in 1889, there was a historical society. This dedication to preserving and interpreting history lives on today, from local history museums to National Battlefields and Landmarks.


Indian Country

There is great diversity among the twelve tribes located in Big Sky Country in their languages, rituals, histories and governments. Each tribe has a distinct and unique cultural heritage that contributes to modern Montana. Indigenous languages and traditions are alive and well throughout Indian Country, where visitors are welcome to experience the varied customs of each tribe.


Theater & Cinema

If you’re into the performing arts, Montana offers no shortage of entertainment. From dance to music to theater, the perfect event for a night out (or a weekend festival) might be right around the corner.


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