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Boot Hill Cemetery


  • Landmark
High on a hill, to the north of Daylight Gulch is one of Virginia City's most popular tourist attractions, "Boot Hill". The cemetery is the last resting place of the infamous five road agents hanged by the Vigilantes on January 14, 1864. The graves were not even marked until 43 years after the burial in October, 1907. The graves had gone unnoticed for so long that there was only one man that truly knew where they were, A. B. Davis. People began to recognize the historical significance of the cemetery and talk was going around encouraging the marking of graves. An offer was made in Butte to give $100 for the expense of grave markers.

Special acknowledgements to: John D. Ellingsen, John N. DeHass, Tony Dalich, and Ken Sievert, Tom Cook and Ellen Baumler of the Montana Historical Society.
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