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Plentywood is located in the Northeast corner of the state and has served as a trading post for the people living in that part of the state. At the site of present-day Plentywood, Sitting Bull and his Sioux people surrendered to the U. S. Army after living in Canada for five years. The Outlaw Trail crossed into Canada north of Plentywood. Rustlers moved their stolen cattle and horses along this passage across the border. Butch Cassidy named the trail and established a rest station in the Big Muddy Valley, west of Plentywood. This area was 'the Old West' legend.


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Blue Moon

Fine Dining
Plentywood, MT

Bolster Dam Campgrounds

Private Campground
Plentywood, MT

Brush Lake State Park

State Park
Dagmar, MT

Club Bar & Hotel

Medicine Lake, MT

Flat Lake Access Site

Fishing Access Site
Fort Peck

Gold Dollar Lodge

Plentywood, MT

Little Muddy Dry Goods

Department Store
Plentywood, MT

Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Wildlife Refuge
Medicine Lake, MT

North Post

Sporting Goods Store
Plentywood, MT