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Missouri River Country

In the northeast corner of the state, untamed wildlife and landscapes beckon nature-lovers of all kinds: bird oglers, stargazers, dinosaur hunters and sunbathers. Adventures await among the wide-open spaces of Missouri River Country. Reclaim your childlike sense of wonder as you explore and look to the stars.


Flocks of migratory birds make pit stops in the Milk River at Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge near Malta. Take a 15-mile, self-guided drive among freshwater wetlands and native prairie to spot ducks and geese, plus white-tailed deer and pronghorn antelope.


Lean into the relaxing rhythm of sunny days and starry nights at Brush Lake State Park. During the day, chill on the beach before a dip in the crystal-clear water. After dusk, emerge from your tent for the brightest star show around.


Need proof that the West was truly wild? See a former bar with a bullet hole and slug intact at Glasgow’s Valley County Pioneer Museum, which is also home to a rare elk-hide tepee


Spy rare fossils of delicate plants, ancient sea creatures and hulking dinosaurs— including the duck-billed Brachylophosaurus—at the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum and Field Station in Malta. Spaced-out displays and a single level of exhibits make wheelchair navigation easy.


The 383-square-mile Fort Peck Reservoir is perfect for a day boating and a shot at catching some of the 50 species of lake fish. For a slower pace, go on the search for Burrowing Owls and Sage Grouse along the Milk River, named by Captain Meriwether Lewis because of the milky apperance of the river's clay rich water.