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dinosaur skeleton statue


Upper Swan Valley Museum


Immersed in rich history, Montana is filled with diverse heritage, Native American culture, glimpses of the Old West, copper kings and pioneer stories. Step back in time by visiting one of the many unique and fascinating museums in Montana and experience the stories of the land, the people and the past.

Montana Museums

At Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, you can see those ancient fossils up close and learn all about them.

Dinosaur Museums

The Montana Dinosaur Trail consists of 15 museums across Big Sky Country which are home to some of the richest dinosaur fossils, most important discoveries and most renowned paleontologists in the world. In fact, a former Curator of Paleontology at the Museum of the Rockies, Dr. Jack Horner, has served as the scientific adviser for all of the Jurassic Park movies. Pick up a prehistoric passport along the way and let it serve as your guide to the extraordinary dino displays, exhibits and activities found here.


Art Museums & Galleries

Montana may have earned the Treasure State nickname from its mining history, but the cultural treasures and artistic traditions of Big Sky Country are just as rich today as they've ever been. From internationally-recognized art gilds and collections to small-town galleries, the arts scene in Montana is a kaleidoscope of talent and creativity.


Children's Museums

Kids of all ages will enjoy visiting Montana's children's museums. Hands-on exploration is the hallmark of any children's museum, but in Montana, exhibits that depict this intersection of science, technology, art and history allow the whole family to learn about the natural world in the morning and hit the trail to experience its wonders first-hand by the afternoon.


History & Specialty Museums

From frontier and mining history to smokejumping and everything in between, the Treasure State's history and specialty museums offer a wide cross-section of education on life in Montana throughout the ages. Each small town in Big Sky Country has a story to share. Who knows, you may pick up a little-know factoid that may win a round of trivia one day!


Native American Museums

There is great diversity among the twelve tribes located in Big Sky Country in their languages, rituals, histories and governments. Each tribe has a distinct and unique cultural heritage that contributes to modern Montana. Museums and cultural centers throughout Indian Country celebrate that diversity and welcome the opportunity to educate visitors about the vibrant traditions and heritage of the Indian Nations located in Montana.