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family bike riding



Mountain Biking

Montana offers unmatched trails and undiscovered country for mountain bikers of all levels. Many communities feature bike shops with gear and know-how and trailheads right around the corner. Once you've finished your ride through spectacular scenery, stop in at the local brewery and swap stories with other bikers. The thrill of mountain biking in Big Sky Country will leave you with plenty of source material and lasting memories.


Road Biking & Touring

A great way to explore Montana is on two wheels with the help of a little manpower. Ride across the high plains. Climb mountain passes. Cruise through charming towns with welcoming locals. The possibilities and spaces are vast and so is the challenge. Road biking and touring in Big Sky Country are experiences not soon forgotten, but they do require careful planning. It's best to chart your stops and overnight stays in advance and always consult with local communities to see if they have the means to accommodate touring cyclists. Once your plan is set, pack up your saddlebags for your tour of Big Sky Country. 


Fat Biking

Not only can fat biking extend the cycling season into the snowy winter months, but it also offers the opportunity to explore new terrain and experience winter in Montana from two wheels. And it's a ton of fun. Check local resources for trail, pass or permit information.


Bicycling Trip Ideas

If you're looking for a biking adventure in Big Sky Country without the commitment of a multi-day ride, there are plenty of shorter routes to explore that accommodate riders of all levels. From challenging rides to a cruise that's fun for the family, there's a biking trip idea that can suit your needs. Check out these routes for some inspiration on where to ride in Montana.