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Top 10 Hikes in Glacier

From Jake Bramante


1. Highline Trail

Explore Glacier’s high alpine ecosystem as you traverse across the Garden Wall with expansive, breathtaking views every step of the way.
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2. Grinnell Glacier

Enjoy this day hike to the foot of one of the park’s most iconic glaciers, where the trail takes you past lakes, cliffs and alpine meadows and offers possible glimpses of wildlife along the way.
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3. Pitamakan - Dawson Loop

Explore the Two Medicine area on this epic loop that looks down glacier-carved, U-shaped valleys populated with lakes. Swing past two lakes and climb two alpine passes connected by a goat trail with endless views.
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4. Iceberg Lake

Hike to a cobalt-blue lake tucked below jagged, jaw-dropping cliffs populated with its namesake chunks of ice.
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5. Hidden Lake Overlook

Start at the famous Logan Pass, work your way across flower-covered alpine meadows, then along a glacial moraine to an overlook of the gorgeous, alpine Hidden Lake tucked among jagged peaks.
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6. Ptarmigan Tunnel

Hike through broad, meadows filled with wildlife and huckleberry carpeted forest. Pass a quaint lake and talus-covered slopes to the 250 foot man-made tunnel cut through the knife-edged ridge of Ptarmigan Wall with breathtaking views of the Belly River drainage.
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7. Siyeh Pass

The trek up to Siyeh Pass and down to Sunrift Gorge starts in a forest that opens up to a stunning flower meadow surrounded by peaks called Preston Park. Hike to the rocky slopes over Siyeh Pass with a view of Sexton Glacier, then down through more meadows and along the beautiful Baring Creek to the Sunrift Gorge.
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8. Fishercap Lake - Redrock Falls

Walk along an easy, family-friendly path with great opportunities to see moose in both Fishercap Lake and Redrock Lake. This hike ends at the beautiful cascade known as Redrock Falls.
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9. St. Mary and Virginia Falls

Follow along a level trail to St. Mary Falls where the St. Mary River pours into a pool. Then continue to another pool and under a small bridge following Virginia Creek up to the foot of the taller and gorgeous Virginia Falls.
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10. Avalanche Lake

Walk among a damp, cool cedar and hemlock forest covered in green moss along Avalanche Creek as it froths through a tight gorge. Then continue up through the forest as intermittent views of rocky cliff faces tease you before seeing the splendor of the lake at the end of the trail surrounded by a circle of steep cliffs and waterfalls.
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Glacier National Park has 734 miles of trails. For more hikes explore these options.
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About Jake Bramante

In 2011, Jake Bramante became the first person to hike all 734 miles of trail in Glacier National Park in one summer. He documented his experience starting with McDonald Creek trail on his blog, Hike 734.

After receiving questions about the best way to experience Glacier National Park, Bramante published a driving guide for the Going-to-the-Sun Road in 2013. In 2014, he published his Day Hikes of Glacier National Park Guide. 

Since his experience with Glacier National Park, Bramante has helped visitors navigate other national parks. He has completed a day hikes guides for Zion and Yellowstone National Parks. 

Bramante continues to blog about his adventures by sharing videos and photos in Glacier, Yellowstone, and wherever else his shoes hit the trail.

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