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B Bar Ranch


 B Bar Ranch in Emigrant


Enjoy an unforgettable experience at Montana's unique ranches that offer a range of amenities with access to adventure just steps from your door. 


Ranches are essential to the West's rich history and culture. Today visitors can experience the cowboy way without sacrificing the comforts of first-class lodging. Guest ranches offer a variety of immersive and informative activities, including horseback riding, local cuisine, and a first-hand look at what it means to work on a ranch. Each ranch offers its own unique style and offering, including luxury accommodations, exciting treks through the backcountry, and authentic ranching activities. For those looking to enjoy a true Montana adventure, these working dude ranches and guest ranches offer gracious western hospitality with a bit of adventure. 

For more in depth information on Montana dude ranches vist the Montana Dude Ranchers' Association web site here.