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Family Explores Medicine Rocks State Park

A Whole New Side of Adventure

Explore four road trip adventures through Eastern Montana

Montana is one of those places with boundless outdoor adventure cred. Its high glaciated mountains, broad rivers, welcoming small towns, and rich history have earned it a rightful spot atop the bucket lists of travelers from around the globe. As its nickname implies, Big Sky Country is as vast as it is astounding, and its best-known gems like Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks are just the beginning when it comes to outdoor adventure. In fact, visitors who venture eastward—into rugged badlands, meandering rivers, secluded mountain ranges, and vast prairie—will be rewarded with an unexpected and wholly different kind of Montana experience. The opportunities to fish, hunt, hike, ride, eat, and learn are practically endless. Not sure where to start? Follow one (or all!) of these road trip routes to discover a new side of adventure in Eastern Montana.

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Badlands and Battlefields

A trip through Southeast Montana is like traveling through history. Here, wide-open roads transport you from Billings, a thriving modern city, to as far back in time as you want to go—from old western cattle-trading towns to Native American battlefields to otherworldly landscapes.


Prairie to Peak Adventure Route

An epic tour of the sweeping prairie and secluded mountain ranges of Eastern Montana. Explore vast exapnses of prairie that unfurl to the horizon, and discover where the great plains thrust dramatically upward into rugged, solitary mountain ranges.


Dark Skies and Wildlife

Venture into a pristine world where wildlife roams by day and the cosmos comes completely alive by night. Slow down and revel in the sense of wonder as you traverse some of the state’s most breathtaking country, experiencing dark skies and vast wildlife refuges.


River Country Roamer

Northeast Montana is a place where vast expanses of prairie are punctuated by badlands, river breaks, and welcoming small towns. Two mighty waterways course through the region, offering boundless opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and historical immersion.