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Indian Country

Indian Country

Standing Arrow Powwow, Elmo


Make your Montana visit memorable by experiencing the varied languages, cultures and histories of tribal nations in Montana. Ancient traditions carried on today enrich the state’s cultural landscape.


In Billings, a journey through the Rimrocks (river-carved cliffs) leads to awesome overlooks of Four Dances Recreation Area and to Pictograph Cave State Park, where faded pictographs hint at the stories of humans who inhabited Pictograph Cave and other neighboring caves 2,000 years ago.


For hunting purposes, Native Americans stampeded buffalo off cliffs for hundreds of years, resulting in today’s buried pile of compacted remains at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park near Ulm. Stand at a ledge for incredible panoramas of the Missouri River valley, and learn more about the role buffalo played in residents’ lives at the visitors center.


Hear somber stories and gain new perspectives during cell phone audio tours of Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. For a more personal experience, Crow tribes from Apsaalooke Tours lead one-hour journeys, offering their view on the battle and the events that led to it.


The relatively small but mighty Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians didn’t receive federal recognition until 2019, but many of its 6,000-plus enrolled members have enriched Great Falls for centuries. Get acquainted at the eye-opening Little Shell Cultural Center. (Call ahead for hours.)