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Family hiking in Ousel Falls

Family Adventure

Family Trips in Yellowstone Country

Expanded Horizons Guaranteed

Animal attractions rule here, and they come in many forms. Let a horse guide you through majestic mountains, visit a town of lively prairie dogs and unleash the fun on a sled dog ride.


Big State Bigger Memories

With Yellowstone Country's healing waters and immense pine-studded hills, it's no wonder such a geographically diverse region was chosen for America's First National Park. We've even mapped it all out, so you can put the phone away and be distracted by the epic views and hidden gems!


Epic Family Adventures

What's in Yellowstone's neighborhood? In the backyard of the world's first national park, Bozeman beckons with hot attractions. Delight the family with all that Yellowstone Country tourism region has to offer.


Family Style Adventures

A jumping-off spot for the world's first national park, Bozeman beckons hikers, climbers, rafters and tubers to play and stay close to nature.