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Willow Creek Reservoir, Augusta
47°33'35.5"N 112°28'6.0"W

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Bison Range

Wildlife Refuge
Moiese, MT

The Bison Range is a historical wildlife conservation area that is home to roughly 350 bison. In 2020, they incorporated it into the Montana Water Rights Protection Act. In 2022, they officially restored it to the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes. Originally, the Flathead Indian Reservation ...

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Bull River Valley Scenic Drive

Scenic Highway

This drive provides a relaxing outing with a panorama of the Cabinet Mountains. Driving time should not exceed 1 hour in each direction. All roads are in good condition with paved surfaces. Upon arriving at the end of Highway 56, you may return to US 2 or continue to Idaho or Thompson Falls. ...

Seeley-Swan Scenic Drive

Scenic Highway
Seeley Lake, MT

The Seeley-Swan scenic drive is a 90-mile long corridor along Highway 83 stretching through the Swan Valley from Seeley Lake to Swan Lake. This is lake country. Hundreds of natural lakes, ranging in size from a few acres to several thousands of acres, are squeezed into this narrow, heavily forest ...

Bitterroot Valley Scenic Drive

Scenic Highway

The Bitterroot Mountains run along the western edge of this valley, the Sapphire Mountains along the eastern edge, and the Bitterroot River right through the middle. The valley opens into large plains with historic towns (including the first white settlement in the state) and working ranches. It's ...

Mission Valley Scenic Drive

Scenic Highway

Mission Valley Scenic Drive area encompasses the southern half of Flathead Lake and a natural valley formed by the 10,000 foot peaks of the Mission Mountains. The Mission Valley also includes the Flathead Indian Reservation, which is home to the Salish, Kootenai and Pend d'Oreille peoples. Learn ...

Clark Fork Scenic Drive

Scenic Highway
St Regis, MT

The Clark Fork River winds its way across this region of Glacier Country, serving as a guide to the many interesting towns and stops along the way. Named for (you guessed it) William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, this river has many different personalities. In some places, it's wide, ...

Northern Rocky Mountain Front Backcountry Drive

Scenic Highway
Fairfield, MT

The Northern Rocky Mountain Front Backcountry Drive is a fabulous 31-mile excursion that runs between Choteau, Montana and the Sun River where the river emerges from the mountains of the Rocky Mountain Front. The drive provides spectacular views of the Rocky Mountain Front for its entire length ...

Quartz-Loon Scenic Drive-USFS

Scenic Highway

The Kootenai River parallels the route for the first 5 miles, providing a scenic foreground to the Cabinet Mountains. Whitetail deer and ruffed grouse are common along the entire length of this drive. Moose may be seen in the upper Quartz Creek/Loon Lake area and blue heron, loons, and osprey may ...