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Hiking and Backpacking

Beartooth Wilderness


Hiking & Backpacking

Hiking in Montana is a great way to explore the state while experiencing nature and wildlife. Each trail offers an adventure into the vast openness of God’s Country. From scenic day hikes in Glacier National Park to multi-day wilderness excursions in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Grab your backpack and find a trail that’s right for you. The mountains are calling.



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Wild Montana Hike Guide
FWP Hiking and Walking Trails
Montana Hiking -
Weed Awareness


Trails, trails, trails

The Last Best Place has a trail system seemingly as vast as its skies. No matter where you are in Montana, odds are there's a trail nearby, waiting to be explored. Browse them all here or filter by city/town above.
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Top 10 Hikes in Glacier

Discover the Top 10 Hikes suggested by Jake Bramante, the first person to hike all 734 miles of trail in Glacier National Park in one summer.
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Top 10 Hikes in Yellowstone

After his experience hiking in Glacier, Bramante has helped visitors navigate other national parks. Here are his tips and recommendations for Yellowstone National Park.
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Montana State Parks

Montana's 50+ state parks offer some amazing hiking opportunities in all corners of Big Sky Country. Check them out here.
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Hiking in Bear Country

Hiking is an excellent way to experience the rugged beauty of Big Sky Country, and knowledge of how to stay safe in that ruggedness is essential. Check out the FWP tips on staying bear aware here.
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Montana-Dakotas BLM

For additional resources and information about hiking and public lands in Montana, visit the Montana-Dakota BLM site.
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