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Ramshorn Trail


  • National Forest Trail
Ramshorn Trail (16) leaves the road through a mix of Douglas Fir, Lodgepole Pine and small open meadows to begin its climb to the east up Ramshorn Creek. The first couple of miles are along the creek through mostly timbered areas with some small meadows. The upper park of the trail turns, twists, and switch backs through a high alpine basin. There are some remnants of early mining activity. Please leave them as you find them.

Through the higher part of the basin the trail winds through trees and snags, shaped by the extremes of weather found at high elevations. It emerges on an open sideslope, providing extensive views back to the west before you top out on the ridge between Ramshorn Creek and the head of Mill Gulch.

The trail ends at the junction with Tobacco Root Trail 15 on the ridge top. From this point, one can either retrace Ramshorn Trail 16 back to the beginning or continue on to Trail 15.

Length: 5.0 miles. Moderate difficulty.
Trail Begins: Ramshorn Creek Road
Trail Ends: Ramshorn Mountain

Area Map: Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest Visitors Map
USGS Map1: Virginia City Northwest
USGS Map2: Copper Mountain
USGS Map3: Ramshorn Mountain
Township 4S; Range 3W; Section 30
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Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest
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Special direction map

Special Directions

Follow US Highway 287 south 35 miles from Ennis to the West Fork of the Madison River. Make a right at the rest area and cross the Madison River on Lyon Bridge. The trailhead starts 0.5 mile up the road on the right, just past the West Fork Cow Camp. There is parking just past the trailhead and across the raod, or down by Lyon Bridge, or down near the Standard Creek Auto Tour sign.