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Scapegoat Wilderness Area


  • Wilderness Area
The Scapegoat Wilderness Area created in 1972 and covering 239,936 acres, is an administrative unit of the Lewis and Clark, Lolo and Helena National Forests. The Scapegoat Wilderness straddles the Continental Divide and is located south and adjacent to the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The Wilderness is located 75 miles northeast of Missoula and 10 miles north of Lincoln. Roads adjacent to the Scapegoat include US Highway 287 to the east and Montana Highways 200 and 83 to the south and west.

This wilderness contains many miles of trails for hikers and horse users. It is noted for its hunting, fishing, scenery and geology. Massive limestone cliffs that dominate the Scapegoat Wilderness are an extension of the Bob Marshall's Chinese Wall. Wildlife includes wolverine, deer, elk, moose, grizzly bear, black bear, mountain goat, mountain sheep and mountain lion. The Bob Marshall/Scapegoat wilderness complex is the only place outside national parks in the lower 48 states that supports a population of grizzly bears. Most of the 14 lakes and about 89 miles of streams in the Scapegoat provide fishing opportunities.

Primitive camping is allowed with no public facilities. Call Lewis and Clark National Forest for camping information.
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Helena National Forest
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Lincoln, MT 59639
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