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scenic view of the Missouri River Breaks

Central Montana Trips

Explore Trip Ideas and Inspirations in Central Motnana

Great Falls Area Adventures

Where can you find art and adventure? Connect with Great Falls' relaxing springs and rivers, fun frontier history, and 60 miles of trail. The wider Central Montana tourism region is full of family fun that spans centuries. The question quickly becomes, how far back in time would you like to go? 

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Exploring Missouri River Country

Lewis and Clark navigated the Missouri River in 1804. More than two centuries later, there's still a lot to discover along the river's wild and scenic portion, where even novice canoeists can paddle past 200-foot-high chalky white cliffs, sprawling cottonwoods, bald eagles, and beavers. Off the river, this region is about subtle beauty, from the rolling grasslands to charming towns right out of the Old West. 

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Mountain Biking Paradise Trip

Riding Trails suitable for all skill levels is just the start. This route also highlights some of central Montana's most vibrant towns and outdoor activities for every interest. 

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Main Street Adventures

This five-day loop through central and southwest Montana travels in and on the edge of the Rockies. Celebrate western art, explore state parks and the state capital, soak in hot springs, and take a magical boat ride down the Missouri River. 

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Hottest Natural Springs Trip

When visiting Montana, it can be easy to jam-pack your trip with non-stop adventure. Hiking through Glacier! Drinking your way along the beer trail! Staying up all night stargazing! It's all worth doing, but it's also important to take a moment to relax... and Montana has tons of thermal hot springs that are great for taking a moment to unwind. 

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Wildest Locales Trip

Looking to take a walk on the wild side? There's no better place to experience some truly untamed wildlife and wilderness than Montana! With large stretches of land set aside to protect endangered species and save natural habitats, Montana is a great place to really get away from it all and experience your own wild side. 

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Highway 89 Route

Starting in Glacier National Park, take the historic U.S. 89 that connects some of the most spectacular national parks in the West. On this six-day trip, see sights such as thousands of snow geese at Freezout Lake, the rock formation of First Peoples Buffalo JumpGiant Springs State Park, and Paradise Valley south of Livingston.

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Let Lewis and Clark's historic journey inspire a canoeing trip with Missouri River Outfitters in Fort Benton. Then visit Blaine County Museum in Chinook to discover dinosaurs and the tragic story of the Nez Perce people at the Battle of Bear Paw. After a day of adventure, relax at the Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton.

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